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Who We Are?

Legal Solutionnaire is a law firm designed to deliver its clients reasonable legal solutions for all their troublesome disputes. For the team of Legal Solutionnaires, practice of law is not a business, it’s a passion for us. We always work towards the betterment of our client and ensure that our client gets the best of the reliefs that can be possible within the periphery of the law of the land. We believe in providing honest legal advices to our clients and earn their respect on our way ahead.

The lawyers at Legal Solutionnairs have earned ample skills and experience in legal practicing to give continuous legal services and advices to clients on complex issues both in their litigation and other commercial or family disputes. At Legal Solutionnaires, each and every case is given due time and attention to ensure best possible favourable court orders for the client and also without wasting the court dates at our end.

Our Area of Practice

We provide services in the following areas of legal field:

Criminal Law icon

Criminal Law

Civil lAW

Civil Law

Matrimonial Law

Matrimonial Law

Specials Courts viz. CBI, POCSO, PC Act etc.

Law of Bail

Law of Bail

Law of Contract


Law of Arbitration

Law of Bail

Banking & DRT Laws

Consumer Law


Labour Law

Law of Bail

Transfer of Property Laws

Right To Informations


Marriage Registration

Law of Bail

Property and Deed Registration​

Company & Firm Registration


Food & Trade License

Law of Bail

Mediations And conciliations



Why Choose Us?

The legal journey of Legal Solutionaires has proved that all our legal associates are extremely capable and effective legal service providers and are continuously handling the cases with full diligence and sincerity and have consistently delivered satisfactory services to each and every client.

The team of Legal Solutionaires follows a system of understanding in each of their practice areas that demands such technical skills that ensure the accurate, reliable, timely and cost-effective advice. This reflects through our team members, who abide by the system and ensure that the client’s needs always come first.

Within our team we have the experience and expertise in the different areas of civil and criminal laws and this is the reason that we are able to keep ourselves updated with the changing environment and modalities as per the legal requirement of our clients and we are able to provide them with reasonable solutions to their legal requirements.

Our continuous and required communication with our clients make them more aware and vigilant towards the latest amendments in laws influencing to their respective business areas and at the same time our continuous engagement in court cases while pleading our clients make us updated with the latest legal findings and amendments on diverse issues that helps us to provide our clients dynamic solutions with respect to legal and regulatory compliances to their business.

We focus on results. For us, it’s all about what adds value to our client. Above all, we want that our words either in the shape of legal advice to our client or arguments advanced before the court should be resulted in favour of our client. We believe in providing clear, honest and realistic legal counsel to our clients.


Our Associates

Mr. Devansh Bhardwaj Advocate, enrolled with Bar Council of Uttar Pradesh, and also possessing ROLE ON ADVOCATE (ROA)

He is a practicing advocate at the High Court of Allahabad having experience of more than 17 years.

Our Testimonials

What our Clients Say?

Legal Solutionaire is Best Law Firm that exceeded expectations. Their attention to detail, professional communication, and deep legal expertise was remarkable. They guided us through complex issues seamlessly, ensuring our interests were prioritized. Quick response times were highly appreciated. A truly trustworthy and committed partner for all legal needs. Highly recommended!”

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Ravi Singh

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Anand Vardhan Maitreya’s expertise is exceptional. His astute understanding of the law, dedication towards clients, and compelling courtroom presence distinguish him as a top lawyer in Tees Hazari Court. Working with him assures meticulous attention to detail and a relentless pursuit of justice. Highly recommend his services!

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DevRaj Panday

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